Transportation Logistics

Poll Results: Vaccinations

In mid-December 2020, after health officials announced coronavirus vaccinations were available to a select portion of the U.S. public, iLevel fielded an opinion poll asking readers how likely they were to get the vaccine when it was their turn.

Trucking Resiliency through 2020

Unprecedented stay-at-home orders crippled state economies across the nation, curbed consumer spending, disrupted supply chains, bankrupted large and small trucking companies, and sidelined thousands of truckers. The nation had never experienced anything like it. And, neither had the transportation logistics industry.

Cautious Optimism

Fear of the virus and government shutdowns caused a notable shift in consumer buying habits. Favorable projections hinge on consumer’s maintaining unusually high levels of spending on goods relative to services. We don’t think this will continue.

10 Mistakes to Avoid as an Owner Operator

As an operator, you know enough to strike out on your own. But becoming an owner-operator means more than just being the boss. Your two roles—as an operator and as an owner—require different skill sets. And, you will need to master both roles.