Small Business

Cautious Optimism

Fear of the virus and government shutdowns caused a notable shift in consumer buying habits. Favorable projections hinge on consumer’s maintaining unusually high levels of spending on goods relative to services. We don’t think this will continue.

10 Mistakes to Avoid as an Owner Operator

As an operator, you know enough to strike out on your own. But becoming an owner-operator means more than just being the boss. Your two roles—as an operator and as an owner—require different skill sets. And, you will need to master both roles.


If your company has capacity agreements, volume surges, and O/D pairs that clash with core operational competencies, satisfy commitments by exploiting an accumulated capital network. In other words, develop the strengths of other companies to your advantage. Flex “their” muscle to build your own.

Flex Capacitor

In this complex environment, outstanding service is vital. And successful small businesses must “flex” their capacities to deliver that service.

Dig the Well

A friend of mine once told me that in order to truly prepare for the future you need to “dig the well, before you need the water.”