Driver Speed, COVID-19 and E-Commerce

The figure below depicts the percentage of time a transportation driver speeds. Speeds are undoubtedly influenced by the COVID-19 shutdown and the extraordinary demands of E-Commerce.

Let’s take a closer look.

During the COVID-19 springtime shutdowns – with relatively clear highlighways – drivers across the industry increased speed – in all categories, light, moderate and heavy speeding (examine the uptick in speeds within the vertical blue bar that repersents the springtime shutdown periods – mid March to early May).  During this period, the data show a 20% increase in heavy speeding or 11 mph over the legal limit!  

Compared to 2019, peak season 2020 also shows substantial increases in every drive time speeding category and a 18% rise in heavy speeding!  The unprecedented demands of E-commerce are the likely cause.  In other words, rising consumer expectations for on-demand, next day deliveries means drivers are pushing the limits.   

For further details see: Tis the speeding season, Samsara data show. 

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