November 25, 2020

Northwest snowstorm still cranking on busy travel day (with forecast video) |

COVID-19 Test Crunch Means Hours-Long Waits Before Thanksgiving |

Six tips for Thanksgiving: How to celebrate |

Trump administration clears the way for President-elect Biden’s transition to officially begin |

5 maritime sustainability trends for 2021 |

Cargo theft trending up year-over-year |

Supply chain companies optimistic about Covid-19 vaccine distribution |

Consumers Reimagine Thanksgiving Traditions as COVID-19 Cases Surge, Says Deloitte |

Supply Chain News: Leaked Amazon Documents May Show Company was Spying on Fulfillment Center Workers over Potential Unionization Activities |

Trucking after Trump: Politics as Usual |

The Top 5 Reasons Small Biz Owners Are Grateful This Year |

Economy’s post-COVID potential hinges on next few weeks |

In reversal, General Motors withdraws support for Trump emissions rollbacks |

When can I get my vaccine? ACIP, a little known but crucial advisory panel, releases first safety, distribution guidelines|

Supply Chain News: Soaring Damages from Truck Accidents Continue On, as Fender Bender Turns into $32 Million Damage Award |

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