November 6, 2020

Infrastructure Directive Unclear as Vote Counting Continues in Trump Versus Biden |

Election results update: Biden on the verge of winning presidency with leads in battlegrounds. Georgia will have a recount. |

Judge ‘Shocked’ at Postal Service, May Order DeJoy to Testify |

Rapid recovery continues in logistics |

Big firms eye Canada COVID-19 vaccine distribution plans |

House Transportation Chairman Peter DeFazio Wins Re-Election |

Supply Chain by the Numbers for Nov. 5, 2020 |

To create FreightTech value, know freight pain points (with video) |

DOT’s Clearinghouse faces a key test as fleets will likely flood the system in the coming weeks |

Rep. Balderson introduce SMART Transportation Act |

Pandemic to accelerate VC investment in logistics (with video) |

Innovation 2020: Some Bright Ideas in a Difficult Year |

California voters pass “Prop 22” in win for employers of gig-economy drivers | CEO: Focus on building ‘the very best company’ (with video) |

Could Prop 22 Help Solve the Worker Misclassification Problem? |

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