November 3, 2020

The 2020 Holiday Season Logistics Hiring Boom |

Infrastructure, economy among trucking’s major stakes in Trump/Biden clash |

Election alone won’t fix trucking’s infrastructure needs |

Election Outcome Could Stir Up Electric Vehicle Industry |

Spot freight: Load post volumes dip for fourth straight week |

2018 redux: Truck-buying binge borrowing from future business |

Technology for Logistics: Why Implementations Fail |

Op-ed: Here are some action steps for small businesses that survived the Covid pandemic |

EV roundup: LA mayor seeks proposals on zero-emission drayage technology |

Cargill to Add Giant Sails to Cargo Ships to Curb Emissions |

Overwhelming majority of shippers increase their focus on sustainability over last three years |

Will the import boom lead trucking to an active ‘off’ season? |

What Scares Me in Supply Chain Halloween 2020 |

Will this be a record-setting season for carriers? |

The Rise of the Warehouse Robot |

Election 2020: In 2016, Trump promised trucking things would change. Have they? |

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