October 27, 2020

Tired of Politics? Best Supply Chain Cartoon Captions | SCDigest.com

Cyber coverage should be factored into every small business’ insurance portfolio | InsuranceBusinessMag.com

2021 Ford Transit adds local delivery, livery and RV options | FleetOwner.com

UPS, FedEx support Apple rollout of new devices | FreightWaves.com

Why carrier data is key to solving intermodal’s visibility issues | SupplyChainDive.com

Food Fraud Is Growing With the Pandemic. Here’s How to Prevent It. | SupplyChainBrain.com

Five rail operators join forces to tag train cars with telematic sensors | DCVelocity.com

Truck Driver in Minnesota Protest Incident Charged Months Later| TruckingInfo.com

Electric-Car Mania Turns Battery Makers Into Power Brokers | SupplyChainBrain.com

FTR Shippers Conditions Index at lowest level in two years | LogisticsMGMT.com

Union Pacific intermodal service level suffers after sharp increase in West Coast volume | SupplyChainDive.com

Mounting evidence that container spike could last into 2021 | FreightWaves.com

Time for Manufacturers to Throw Out Old Ideas About Inventory Management | SupplyChainBrain.com

Reefer outpacing van growth in second half of 2020 | FreightWaves.com

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