October 7, 2020

Heavy truck orders hit nearly two-year high | CCJdigital.com

Clean Truck Procession Opens New Port of Long Beach Bridge | TruckingInfo.com

Employee Burnout and How to Identify It | BusinessNewsDaily.com

Extension Shoves Hot Infrastructure Issue to Back Burner | TTNews.com

As U.S. job growth stalls, some workers face long-term unemployment | Reuters.com

Most U.S. Supply Chain Managers Using AI systems During Pandemic Disappointed | SCMR.com

Surge in imports congests West Coast ports, leads to calls for more dual transactions | SupplyChainDive.com

A Look At Trump’s Armored SUV And Why That Photo Op Was A Bad Idea | Forbes.com

IBM survey: COVID-19 has refocused executives on digitization and supply chain resiliency | FreightWaves.com

‘Johnny Appleseed of Southern comedy’ reflects on the end of an era | OverdriveOnline.com

The pandemic opened cybersecurity gaps in the supply chain. How do managers close them? | SupplyChainDive.com

Diesel Drops to $2.387 for Fifth Consecutive Decline | TTNews.com

Looking Forward (And Upward) To Urban Aero Mobility | Forbes.com

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