September 25, 2020

California is ready to pull the plug on gas vehicles |

More delays for truckers as the South gets drenched (with forecast video |

Labor Department tackles employee classification; AB5 may not be affected |

Brad Jacobs feels bullish about logistics |

CSCMP EDGE conference session examines U.S. infrastructure woes |

Potential swing states cash in with DOT’s latest grant round |

After an unprecedented punch to the gut, intermodal roars back |

Can owner-operators crack the contract-freight nut? |

Why Peak Season 2020 Is a Novel Opportunity | Talking Freight VIDEO|

Using AI & ML in Retail Supply Chain Planning |

National Guard deployed, curfew in place, as protesters take to streets in Louisville |

ATA Truck Tonnage Index Fell 5.6% in August |

Sales of new, used Class 8 trucks climb in response to record freight rates; pre-pandemic numbers could indicate a return to normalcy |

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