September 22, 2020

Viewing the Coming Weeks Through a Crystal Ball, Darkly |

2021: Heavy-duty new models |

What “Big” Announcements Can We Expect From Elon Musk On Battery Day? |

Clean truck partnership targets last-mile transportation |

Borderlands: Mexican rail blockade costing millions; Toyota, VW expanding in Mexico |

SEC probe, fraud claims prompt founder of electric truck upstart Nikola to resign |

RBC: Amazon Logistics’ planned 2020 growth exceeds previous 3 years combined |

Commercial Drivers Get More Time to Renew Licenses, Medical Certificates |

Associations’ telemeds slow to gain traction |

Commentary: Tips for preparing drivers for roadside inspections |

The Complete Guide to Cross-Border Freight |

Job puts truckers at risk of COVID-19, says professor |

You Don’t Have to Pivot in a Crisis |

CBP withhold orders hit $200M in Chinese imports connected to Xinjiang |

Diesel Drops 1.8¢ to $2.404 a Gallon |

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